About Pinnacle

As the proud owner of a PINNACLE AQUATICS product, you have dive gear that is unique and markedly better than anything else you could wear. You have a product that is the result of decades of testing and refinement, and the fruit of a labor of love.

At PINNACLE, we do not believe in prioritizing quantity over quality or in making “me too” products. When we design new products, and even when we review our most successful existing products, we go through months of design and redesign, building of prototypes, and trial and error, searching for any possible way to make them even better. As highly-regarded as our products are, we are always tweaking existing items and developing new ones in a never-ending pursuit of perfection. That’s why you see features on PINNACLE products that you don’t see anywhere else. That’s why PINNACLE products perform the best, and why you and other PINNACLE divers are the warmest, most comfortable divers in the ocean.

You won’t find many similarities between PINNACLE and other brands. You don’t see the Merino™ lining system in other products, and most other companies do not employ features like our roll-neck collar system, heavy-duty rubber shoulder pads, 10mm spine pads, marine-grade brass zipper hardware, Kevlar™ knee pads, and double sealing systems in the wrists and the ankles of suits. Usually, it is because PINNACLE is just more innovative and creative than other companies, and less willing to settle for the status quo. It is also because PINNACLE is consumed with making the best products possible, and obsesses with the pursuit of doing so. PINNACLE products consistently offer more features, employ a wider variety of raw materials, and employ the most advanced and labor-intensive construction techniques.

We do it because we love the ocean, we love diving, and we believe that you love it as much as we do. We do it because on that fifth dive on the sixth day of a live- aboard trip, or on that third dive of the day off a cold beach, or on the 60th minute of the tropical dive, we want you to be so warm and comfortable that you are totally focused on the incredible beauty of the ocean that only divers can truly appreciate.

We can do it because PINNACLE has 40 years of industry experience, and we use that history and knowledge base to build the inventions of the future. Since 1969, first as designers, then as OEM manufacturers, and finally under our own banner, we have spared no expense in bringing the world the best products possible, using only the best raw materials available and employing the most painstakingly precise manufacturing techniques. Our R&D department is constantly thinking of new ways to improve diver comfort and testing these theories, both in the laboratory and in the real world. The only thing better than today’s PINNACLE product is tomorrow’s PINNACLE product.

Typical of the PINNACLE spirit is the Merino™ lining system, recognized as the warmest and most comfortable suit lining ever devised. After developing and introducing this revolutionary product more than half a decade ago, we have consistently improved on it, testing dozens of material mixtures and weaving techniques until we found the best iteration of the Merino™ lining system for various types of suits, and even for different sections within a single suit. Now, for the first time ever, we have proven the benefits of lining a drysuit with Merino™, and will give drysuit divers the same level of satisfaction that PINNACLE wetsuit divers have enjoyed for years.

PINNACLE remains the fastest-growing brand of thermal protection, even after holding this mantle for several years. We remain the most innovative, focused, and reliable manufacturer, and we offer the most complete line of products available. PINNACLE wetsuits, drysuits, and accessories have won scores of awards from magazine reviewers across the globe, and more retailers choose to distribute PINNACLE every day, but the award of which we are most proud is given by the many divers who honor us with their continued support.