Drysuit Accessories

1. Merino Lined Drysuit Hood 2. 7mm Drysuit Hood 3. Suspenders 4. Drysuit Overboots 5. Dry Gloves 6. Inflator Hose 7. Convenience Zippers & Relief Valves 8. Deluxe Drysuit Bag

1. Merino Lined Drysuit Hood

The warmest drysuit hood available at any price, the Merino Lined Drysuit Hood is a perfect way to add warmth to a drysuit system with a minimum of effort and expense. This hood also is the ideal companion to a hoodless semi-dry suit.

• Gusseted zipper for easy donning and doffing
• 7mm titanium-lined neoprene throughout the hood
• Merino™ lining ensures maximum drysuit system performance, even in the coldest waters
• 3mm smoothskin face seal helps keep water out
• Face seal is fully glued and taped to allow for custom trimming
• Non-direct vents allow air to escape while minimizing water entry
• Reflective forehead patch and rear pattern

2. 7mm Drysuit Hood

This drysuit hood comes standard with most Pinnacle drysuits and is also available as a stand-alone item.  Features such as 7mm titanium-lined neoprene, 3mm smoothskin face seal, glued and blind stitched construction, reinforced seams, and non-direct ventilation ensure warmth, performance, and durability.

3. Suspenders

Adjustable suspenders fit any size of suit and can be adapted to any brand of drysuit.  Standard issue with all new Pinnacle drysuits.

• Machine washable
• One size fits all

4. Drysuit Overboots

For use with any brand or model of drysuit having neoprene or latex socks, the Drysuit Overboot protects the foot while diving and topside, and allows easy walking.

• Constructed with a heavy duty canvas outer
• Rugged soles for the most severe surfaces, yet tapered enough to fit nearly any fin foot pocket
• Strong nylon laces do not stretch
• Achilles loop for easy donning
• High enough to offer tremendous ankle support

5. Dry Gloves

Complete the drysuit system with a pair of dry gloves, keeping hands dry and clean.  Ideal for working divers, divers in contaminated waters, and extremely cold conditions.

6. Inflator Hose

The 33” Inflator Hose comes as a standard part of all new Pinnacle drysuits, and can be purchased as a stand-alone item for other drysuits, as a replacement part, or for use with a BC.

7. Convenience Zippers & Relief Valves

9” convenience zippers and/or urine relief valves can be added to the front of any drysuit to allow lower front access to the inside without suit removal.

8. Deluxe Drysuit Bag

Included with some Pinnacle drysuits, the Deluxe Drysuit Bag may be purchased as a stand-alone item.  Ideal for transporting drysuits or wetsuits.