Inferno V-skin Fullsuit

The new Inferno is the latest innovation from Pinnacle; it separates the thermal component
out of the wetsuit so that it can be used in any watersports activity.

Inferno V-skin fullsuit ( V-skin collar comes as standard ) Male sizes Small - King 2. Female sizes XS - XL
• Constructed using a Tri-laminate material with various thermal linings     
   inside, high stretch Lycra outside and a breathable membrane between 
   adds warmth without buoyancy while under the water and wind   
   resistance above
• New 320 gram merino™ fleece in the chest and traditional merino™  
   lining in the back and sides to provide unprecedented warmth in the core
• Bi-laminate merino™ lined material under the arms is 100% breathable 
   to prevent overheating when out of the water
• The removeable shoulder closure allows you to attach a V-skin collar, 
   V-skin merino™ hood or 5mm merino™ hood depending on your 
   preferred use
• Technical fleece in the arms and legs allows the warm water created by 
   the core to easily transfer around the suit
• Thumb and heel loops keep suit in place when donning but also allow 
   warm water to circulate through gloves and boots keeping your 
   extremities warm
• Chest overprint improves water runoff and wind resistance in the front