Shadow 2 1.5mm WETSUIT

A true multipurpose suit, the SHADOW 2  is versatile enough to be used as a warm water, a surface watersports suit, or a layering garment beneath other wetsuits or shorties, while providing thorough skin protection.

Shadow 2• All the features of the Shadow in a new 1.5mm design 
• 1.5mm thick smoothskin neoprene and 0.5mm exterior shell adds significant 
   warmth when worn alone or under a shorty or wetsuit
• Titanium 1.5mm smoothskin neoprene interior helps to inhibit internal          
   water movement
• 1 piece jumpsuit that can be equally effective as a tropical diving or 
   snorkeling wetsuit, for surface watersports, or as a layering device 
   beneath heavier wetsuits or shorties
• More than just a dive skin, the Shadow 2 is an actual neoprene wetsuit
• Far warmer than a skin. When used for layering, it not only adds warmth,
   but allows wetsuit to slide on more easily
• Provides complete UV protection
• Protects knees and elbows
• 1.5mm zipper flap with built-in key pocket
• Extra-long zipper leash with Velcro™ hold-down
• O-ring wrist, neck, and ankle seals
• Flexible molded kneepads
• Sleek all-black suit with navy blue accent stitching on male suits;
   deep red accent on female suits
• Flatlock stitching for maximum comfort and flexibility