Tecline Undergarment

The Tecline Undergarment is perfect for divers challenging the coldest waters, those diving for extended duration, or those who chill easily.

• Over 490g/m2 of total insulation in three layers
- 40g outer high tenacity wind resistant nylon
- 200g polyester wadding
- 250g inner polyester fleece with anti-pilling treatment
• Adjustable, insulated collar
Two-way convenience main zipper with thermal backing panel
• Super stretch neoprene panels in the back and waist to facilitate easy bending and crouching
• Rib knit high stretch underarm gussets
• Pre-bent arms and legs with reinforced elbows and knees
• Thinner insulation panels at the back of knees and front of elbows to reduce muscle fatigue
• Elastic foot stirrups & thumb loops to keep insulation in place while donning
• Neoprene wrist cuffs to help keep insulation in place while diving
• Internal suspenders for greater comfort before, during, between and after diving
• Zippered breast pocket and two hip pockets
• Venting panels to top and base of both arms to facilitate rapid suit venting for auto shoulder and cuff
   exhaust valves

Temperate Undergarment

The Temperate Undergarment is designed for use in cool to temperate waters, or for cold water divers who generate body heat or wish to wear other layers of insulation. Extremely soft and comfortable, the Temperate Undergarment also makes great apres-dive wear

• Two 125g/m2 layers of technical fleece insulation (total value 250g/m2)
• Very light and flexible
• Two-way main zipper for easy donning and convenience
• Thumb loops and stirrups help hold the undergarment in place while donning a drysuit
• Two fleece-lined hip pockets
• Machine washable


The new Inferno is the latest innovation from Pinnacle; it separates the thermal component out of a wetsuit so that it can be used in any watersports activity.

Inferno V-skin fullsuit ( V-skin collar comes as standard ) Male sizes Small - King 2. Female sizes XS - XL• Constructed using a Tri-laminate material with various thermal linings      
   inside, high stretch Lycra outside and a breathable membrane between  
   adds warmth without buoyancy while under the water and wind    
   resistance above
• New 320 gram merino™ fleece in the chest and traditional merino™   
   lining in the back and sides to provide unprecedented warmth in the core
• Bi-laminate merino™ lined material under the arms is 100% breathable  
   to prevent overheating when out of the water
• The removeable shoulder closure allows you to attach a V-skin collar,  
   V-skin merino™ hood or 5mm merino™ hood depending on your  
   preferred use
• Technical fleece in the arms and legs allows the warm water created by  
   the core to easily transfer around the suit
• Thumb and heel loops keep suit in place when donning but also allow  
   warm water to circulate through gloves and boots keeping your  
   extremities warm
• Chest overprint improves water runoff and wind resistance in the front